Scumwater slums

A floating shanty town between some of the southern most islands of Atlantis. Populated with people who can’t afford to live on solid land – and the petty crooks and shysters who prey on them.

Not a place to wander alone – and even small groups should be wary after dark.

As it is a series of anything that floats being roughly tied together, the layout is constantly changing – and any “landmarks” from more than 3 weeks ago are suspect.

Along the edge, the vessels at least pretend to be respectable – as in, they were once actual houseboats – but beyond the border, it breaks down into anything that will float and support people.

The area covered by scumwater is constantly in flux – the denizines want to expand, but the city officials need to keep the shipping lanes clear, and break up anything that expands too far in the wrong direction.

Scumwater slums

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