The morning after

After resting in Amelia‘s family house, Amelia and Ulfyr T’yr the Myrk√°lfar look through the rest of the diary.

The decision is to get into the Library

We also quiz Bob on what he can actually do – he is unwilling to reveal what he did as a day job before we met him.

David is returning to his his father (George) – the “ruler” of the city, appointed by the Solarian Empire

Vulpo goes to see Uri at the Broken Horn Inn – Uri takes him into one of back rooms.
“Your description – and that of your friends – is being circulated quietly among the guards. They’re on the look out for you.”

Vulpo tells Uri where we are staying, and to expect reports from David.
The kid that Vulpo is looking for is calls himself " The Dreaded Shadow Hand " – but his mum calls him Lindon. He is associated with one of the gangs in Scumwater – but the market where he was first encountered is where he tends to work.

Vulpo heads to the market, and tries to be discreet – while he avoids the guards, DSH sees him – but Vulpo sees DSH as well.
DSH heads for an ally, with Vulpo is pursuit. DSH ducks around a corner – Vulpo tries to follow, but is intercepted by 4 big burly guys.
2 try to grab him, assisted by the other 2.
1 grab misses – but the other commits a bear hug.

He asks if they are friends of DSH – they agree they are as they try to put a sack over his head.

With a bit a wriggle, he slips out of the hug – leaving part of the disguise that he borrowed from Amelia behind. He attempts to parkour up to the roof – he is almost grabbed.
Vulpo turns to them and says “great! I have something I need to give back to him!”
2 of the guys enter the building.
The leader of the thugs says “and we have a friend who wants to have a ‘conversation’ with you”
He continues “you need to take that up with the boss”
Vulpo shrugs, says OK, and hops down. They roughly put the hood back on, and lead him away – into the Slums. Being from here originally, he has a rough idea of where he is being taken.
He is pushed into a room and told to stay put. He removes the sack, and looks around. He’s in what was once the hold of a ship.
The door seems like it has been barred from the outside.

When it starts to get dark, we get concerned for Vulpo. We leave Bob (the hot water bottle) with Amelia, and head off.
Myrick grabs a hood as well, and walks in a different method of walking.
Lorelai just stealths.

Uri ushers us into a back room, and is concerned that we showed up.
He repeats the warning. We tell him that Vulpo hasn’t come back.
He descibes the kid, and we recognise him and work out what happened.

The door opens, and the heavies tell him to put the hood back on.
Vulpo does, but in such a way that he has a limited amount of vision.
“the boss is back”
He is escorted through a tavern/gang hangout to what was the captains quarters.
Looking around (discreetly) he sees DSH. He steers them past the kid, and slips 2 heavy coin purses into the kids possession.

In the cabin – there is a desk. Behind the desk is Salandaar
The hood is pulled off.

Uri comes back
“I found out more about Dreaded Shadow hand. He runs with the ”/wikis/Scumwater%20Saints/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Scumwater Saints – they hand out at the Beached Bitch. I have reports that Vulpo had a scuffle with some of them, and was taken. He head of the Saints is someone that Vulpo has a history with. I suggest you get there before they see each other. It could get… messy"
He gives us directions to the ship.

We head there as quickly there.

As soon as the hood is off, Vulpo dives across the desk – catching everyone s off guard.
Salandaar gets out of the way, and Vulpo knocks over the chair.
Vulpo sees a mop and grabs it.
“Salandaar, long time no see! How long has it been – 10 years since you left me for dead?”
He then hits Salandaar twice. He is knocked back 15 feet and hits the wall – near a permanently sealed door.
“Vulpo – long time no see!” Salandaar say, as he gestures to the heavies to stand down, and then draws a sword.
Salandaar slices twice at Vulpo, and leaves 2 large cuts.

Vulpo takes a swing and a miss (3 times)

Salandaar’s cuts Vulpo again – and then hits him with the pommel to knock him out.

The rest of the party approaches the Beached Bitch.
The Beached Bitch used to be a merchant ship – especially compared to the dinghies and barges that surround it.

Myrric stomps up to the door, and kicks it in.
Lorelai follows along to watch and laugh.
Ulfyr suggests that barging in could be suicide.

Myrric kicks the door in, and is stared at by the thieves and cut throats. He jumps up on the table and declares “I am Myrric of the pit! Who among you is man enough to face a beast? Release my friend and you will not have severed heads this day!”

While they are looking at Myrric, Ulfyr slips in and uses “Mask of Many” to look like a generic Saint.
Lorelai stands at the door to watch. She grabs a bottle to use as a weapon.
Vulpo rouses with the noise, and is back in the hold – feeling poorly.

At the back of the room, one guys stands up, and says loudly “I will face the beast!” as he picks up a large cleaver.
“Name yourself, foe! We will need something to write on your grave!” Myrric responds.
“Cleaver Joe” he responds.
The room starts chanting “Clea-ver Joe! Clea-ver Joe!”

Myrric jumps down, charges over and takes a swing at Cleaver.

Lorelai sidles up to the crowd that has formed a circle, and tried to hit on some of the guys.

Cleaver swings wild, misess Myrric and destroys the table Myrric had been standing on.
Myrric hits
Cleaver hits
Myrric hits and Cleaver staggers back, looking messed up. Cleaver holds up his hands and says “I surrender!”

Myrric thows down his dagger and says “I want the left ear, then the first round is on me”
An ear hits the floor at Myrrics feet.

Myrric leans into Cleaver’s good ear, and shouts “Defeated, not dishonored!”

Ulfyr hears Vulpo beating on the door, and Lorelai has gathered the same information from one saints.


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