Once more unto the breach

Been a while.

  • Gaius from the ship (cured of the plague thing) was attached by assassins sent by Blackhills
  • Chad Scarlettwig has agreed to front money and people (and take the blame) for a raid on the boat

Johnson and Jenkins direct Myrick and Ulfyr to the Skinned Knee – a small in where minor mercs gather.

The gave a few names to M & U – they find Alexander the Tiefling.

Alexander seems interested, but Ulfyr is vague.
He says for that money he has 12 guys (including himself) that can make themselves scarce from town for a while after.

Uri doesn’t know Mercs, but can direct Vulpo and Delia to Big Toby – head of a gang.
Big Toby will only talk to them after they told him that Uri sent them.

They are a smash and grab type gang not a sneaky criminal outfit.
He can bring 17 gang members.

The group gathers back at the warehouse, and compares notes.

Toby and his men charge the dock as a distraction
Alexander’s men make an aquatic assault.
Chad will show up on his personal boat to “lead the charge”

Vulpo and Delia will go with Tony’s gang
Ulfyr will go with Chad
Myrick will go with Alexander


dragonlaird dragonlaird

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